Individual homes

All you need at home are aerator and flow regulator to reduce your consumption from 30% up to 70 %.

We offer you 5 high quality and very efficient water saver products ( 5 years guarantee) to fit all your needs at home, that's all what you need and don't care about which model of tap or shower and how old they are, they will fit all.

  1. One for your sink tap, a 4 L/mn confortable for washing dishes and not splashing !.. ( see my videos, DIY / how to change an aerator on your sink tap)
  2. For your basin tap choose the Mikado aerator which use only 1.3 liter per minute, with an amazing stream just perfect to wash hand and teeth.
  3. A choice of two for your shower, a 5 L/mn flow regulator the new norm in the hospitality industry or a 8L/mn with a better flow (women will prefer a 8 L/mn to rinse their hair ;-)
  4. For your guest toilet when it comes only to wash your hands, then you can choose our water saving champion named an Atomizer which use only 0.25 L/mn !..
  5. And last, but not least, one for your toilet, the Waterstop, if you steel have a traditional single flush.

You can find them on the Store and see how simple it is to install them by yourself on our videos. see our  DO IT YOURSELF page and on our YouTube channel :

And remember that SAVING WATER always depend of :

HOW YOU OPEN THE TAP !.. ( see our videos )

AND HOW LONG YOU SHOWER !!.. not more than 2 mn is recommended

(sorry not yet on videos ;-)