Gym club, hotel, bar, restaurant, coffee shop,  campsite and all establishments open to the public should show the example, save water and by the way... save money with style...

Why do you think Mac Donald, Hilton, Marriot and thousands of well knowned world groups have already adopted sustainability strategy years ago ?

Because they are philanthropists or for another reason !...

The answer is : The potential for increasing profit margins with green policies has been highlighted by a video "Going Green Makes Cent$" produced by the International Hotels Environment Initiative before year 2000 !..

No need of a drawing to understand that it can save a lot of money in a business and it's also an excellent way to communicate about your environmental goals which will be much appreciate by your customers...

"What else !.."

You can also save water with beauty and style see our amazing Mikado aerator

You can find our standard products by quantity in the Store, but we have a large range for each case also please contact us for specific needs, we can advice the best water saver devices at the best price ;-) depending of your type of business. 

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Some of the different stream pattern we can offer.

When preserving water rhymes with beauty

Amazing Mikado aerator

As we are really concerned about saving water and our goal is that you'll get good results and save a lot, so we strongly invite you to let your customers and staff also know that you are committed to preserving water and remind them to help by using water sparingly.

That's why we offer you for free a choice of informative signs (A5) one for each R 200 purchase that you can stick next to the tap in a bathroom or a toilet. ( we can also design specific signs for your needs)