Water saving aerators and flow regulators

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Aerators VS Flow regulators

Aerators are found in nearly all kitchen and lavatory faucets. An aerator is a key component in the overall performance of the faucet. Here is how you should expect your aerator to perform:

  • control the stream straightness and diameter
  • reduce splash by aerating the stream and eliminating side spray
  • save water and reduce energy costs
  • meet local plumbing codes and standards

A flow regulator is a component which maintains a predefined flow rate near-constantly and mostly independently from the prevailing line pressure.

It ist mounted invisibly inline and compensates for pressure variations between 1 and 8 bar.

Possible applications for flow regulators:

  • water sharing
    evenly distribution of water at a predefined flow rate
  • water saving 
    e.g. for bath or shower applications (see illustration)
  • technical applications
    cost-efficient solutions for various technical applications

  • Flow Regulators are also a crucial component in every aerator which means that these two are complementary.