We, all together, could easily exceed the city's daily water consumption targets by simply reducing the flow on every taps and showers, in all business, public space, at home and of course, the most important, by starting to change our relationship with water.

Reducing the flow at home will cost you about R 250 to R 400 for a medium household depending how many taps and shower you have and you will save from 30 up to 70% of your average consumption...

Which means, these water saving devices will be repaid in a 2 or 3 month time by saving on your water bill and you will not only save money for years but you will also be entered in another way to think about water use.

Nowadays every business or public spaces should show the example, it's just a matter of common sense, good management and therefore profit margin consolidation...

When would you like to start !...

You can find all these Neoperl water saving devices on the Store and see how simple it is to install by yourself on our videos.
see our  
DO IT YOURSELF page and on our YouTube channel : Watersaving.co.za

Don't worry be happy !... with our shower insert which fit almost 100% of shower models and configurations.

DON't MISS OUT !! Of course there is some other economical ways to shower !... it's up to you to follow or not this funny but efficient example !.. enjoy